Era of Innovation – How to Innovate in MTG

While brewing new decks is all very well, a majority of the most powerful decks aren’t just a result of creating an entirely new archetype, they’re a product of iteration, slowly perfecting them. While a lot of these changes are small incremental changes, a good chunk of them are single bursts of innovation. This innovation comes in a few primary forms, and I’m going to walk you through my process for all of them.



Header - General Deck Improvement Innovation

Sometimes, you think of a way of improving a deck that isn’t about improving matchups or fixing holes – this is a change to a card or the deck that just makes it better across the board. These changes are the ones that most often come as an epiphany, or more likely a series of epiphanies, one of which actually sticks. For an example, let’s look at Scapeshift in Modern Amulet Titan.


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