Draw-Go Control is Back with Standard UR Control – Deck Guide

Midrange continues to be the king of Standard. GW Tokens and various BW-based planeswalker decks are dominating the field. I’ve been in the trenches trying to find the One, the one deck that rules them all and to bind them into darkness. Okay, okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s aim the Eye of Sauron back onto Magic.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I found something, perhaps not the deck that beats them all, but a deck to break up this metagame and punish the grindy midrange piles. 

What’s good against planeswalkers and more expensive threats? Yes, you guessed right – counterspells. 

What’s good against removal like The Meathook Massacre, Vanishing Verse or Soul Shatter? Indeed, card advantage like Memory Deluge.

What destroys almost everything on the board and can also spew out Devils? Absolutely right, Burn Down the House, my new favorite spell to put on the stack and blow any opponent’s board state to pieces.

Izzet it is. Draw-Go Control is back in full force! Izzet Control is the perfect deck if you’re looking to attack a metagame full of midrange decks like GW Tokens, Esper Planeswalkers and Orzhov Midrange. And as far as I can tell, that is how the Standard metagame predominantly looks as of writing this.




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5 thoughts on “Draw-Go Control is Back with Standard UR Control – Deck Guide”

  1. Arne Huschenbeth

    Hey Benjamin, I would go

    +2 Disdainful Stroke +4 Smoldering Egg +1 Demon Bolt

    -2 Saw It Coming -1 Behold the Multiverse -1 Goldspan Dragon -2 Negate -1 Fading Hope

  2. Hey Arne, thx for your work. Biggest enemy for this deck in my eyes are enchantments like wedding announcement, if you are not able to counter them. Keep on, I really appreciate your content. Grüße aus Berlin

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