Drafting Green in Neon Dynasty Takes Common Sense

One of the biggest traps I see people continuing to fall into in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is drafting green. Now, don’t get me wrong, green is a fantastic color in this Limited environment when it’s open. But because the power of green’s cards are known by the community at large at this point, it’s very easy to draft this color for the wrong reasons and end up with a deck that underperforms your expectations. Today, we’re going to explore the commons in NEO with a specific focus on green and what it does well (and not so well) in the format.




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As a Limited player, my focus on understanding and grasping a given format lies with the set’s commons. Sure, power and build-arounds come at higher rarity, but the commons are where you will find consistency. To succeed in draft, you must have a fundamental understanding of what a color’s commons provide. The commons will tell you a color’s game plan. Aggro or control? Artifact or enchantment synergy? Spells or creatures? And so on. The commons will let you know what you can expect to get from a particular color if it is open for your seat. And an understanding of the best commons will give you a litmus test for whether or not a color is open, allowing you to properly read signals.

In NEO, the commons are all largely contextual, but the cream has definitely risen to the top without a single green card in sight. According to the game-in-hand win rate data provided by 17lands.com, the top 10 commons in the format are all white, black, or blue.

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