Don’t Draft Lorehold in Strixhaven Draft – Draft Boros!

Can’t seem to win with Lorehold in Strixhaven draft?



Pro tip: stop drafting Lorehold – and start drafting Boros!



In Strixhaven, Wizards designed Lorehold to be a bold, new take on what the red/white color pair could do from a thematic perspective. Rather than having it be all about attacking as is usually dictated by the color pie, Wizards created cards that would allow Lorehold to be a grindy late-game deck centered around graveyard recursion and exiling cards from the graveyard to create 3/2 Spirit creature tokens. 

Unfortunately, Wizards didn’t make the late-game of Lorehold powerful enough to compete with the haymakers in Quandrix and Prismari in my opinion. Combine that with some anemic gold commons, and what’s left is a college that looks like the worst of the bunch.

However, it’s not all bad news for red/white decks in Strixhaven. It turns out that white has a lot of good aggressive commons because of Silverquill and that red does a good job of supporting those commons in an aggressive role. I do find it ironic that Wizards tried to put a different spin on red/white as a color pair and then it still ended up being more powerful as a traditional Boros aggressive deck.


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