Dominaria United MTG Limited Set Review – Blue

Welcome to my Dominaria United Limited Set Review! As I have with every set in the last 10+ years, I’ll be going over every card for Limited play, and including both a numerical grade and commentary. As usual, the commentary is where the meat of the content is, though the grades do help in comparing cards and seeing where they stand. Before we jump in, let’s take a look at the grading scale.

White / Blue / Black / Red / Green / Multicolor, Artifact, Land




Header - Grading Scale

Retired and inducted into the Limited Hall of Fame: Pack Rat, Umezawa’s Jitte, The Scarab God.


Header - Mechanics

First up, I like to cover some of the bigger mechanics in the set. That helps get a picture of how these mechanics may work when we run into cards with them, and saves us time to boot.


Vodalian Mindsinger

Kicker is a pretty simple mechanic (that leads to complex and interesting games) – there’s a reason it comes back so often, and in various forms. Kicker cards vary so wildly in what they do that it’s hard to evaluate them as a group, but the main characteristic to be aware of is that they give you great ways to use your mana late-game. A card that’s strong at two to four mana and great at six or more is what you want, and kicker cards often fall into this bucket. They also give you plenty of reasons to splash here, as there are tons of multicolored kicker cards.

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  1. “French Vanilla may be a low-tier ice cream flavor.” The only thing in this article with which I vehemently disagree!

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