Does Modern MTG Jeskai Breach Need Saga or Grinding Station?

Jeskai Breach had an excellent showing in the January 7 Modern Showcase Challenge on MTGO, putting two copies in the Top 8 and a third in the Top 32. The following weekend, it put another copy into the Top 8 of the Legacy European Tour Grand Open in Trieste, Italy.

Except these players didn’t register quite the Jeskai Breach list we’ve become used to seeing over the past few months. Their deck, while certainly an Underworld Breach deck in Jeskai colors, did not contain the Grinding Station Combo. No Stations, no Mox Ambers, no Emry, Lurker of the Lochs or Thassa’s Oracles. Nary an Urza’s Saga to be found, even.

This build of Jeskai Breach is not a combo deck; it’s a deck built to maximize the card Underworld Breach in an entirely “fair” way, cashing the enchantment in for value rather than a deterministic auto-kill.


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