Diabolic Intent Will Make a Splash in Modern, Pioneer and Standard MTG

To be honest, when I looked at Diabolic Intent after it was previewed, it didn’t fully click that this is a reprint, but of course it is. Diabolic Intent was first printed back in Planeshift and has historically been utilized as a Commander card. However, this is a card that hasn’t ever been legal in formats like Modern and Pioneer, so now we will get to see Diabolic Intent in some newer formats, where it will be quite a powerful tool for certain strategies. 

Diabolic Intent

Tutor effects, especially ones that cost two or less mana, are very rare. Once we condense effects that cost two or less mana, can tutor for any card and are Pioneer and Modern legal, Diabolic Intent finds itself without any competition. While sacrificing a creature is required for Diabolic Intent, there are plenty of decks that play cheap creatures or token makers that provide nice fodder to sacrifice to this card. The fact that Diabolic Intent has no restrictions on what card it tutors up makes this card incredibly flexible. 


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I’m going to go ahead and highlight Diabolic Intent in multiple different formats, starting with Modern. In Modern, some of the cards Diabolic Intent is competing against are Chord of Calling and Eldritch Evolution. For decks like Yawgmoth, the fact Diabolic Intent can find cards that aren’t creatures is nice, but I’m not sure it’s better than the current tutor cards that can put creatures directly on the battlefield. In a deck like Goblins, Diabolic Intent will be competing against Boggart Harbinger. Boggart Harbinger being a Goblin itself that can be put into play off an Aether Vial means it likely is a better fit than Diabolic Intent in Goblins. 

So where does Diabolic Intent fit best in Modern? Modern is such a vast format, so finding certain cards that pair well with Diabolic Intent can be useful. One such card is Stitcher’s Supplier, which is the ideal turn one play for a deck that wants to be tutoring with Diabolic Intent as early as turn two. Here is a look at a Crab Vine deck that I believe does benefit from the addition of Diabolic Intent.

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