Deep Dive: How to Win in Arena Cube

Last summer, I wrote a guide to Arena Cube, and with it coming back and getting heavily updated, it’s time to revisit the topic in Deep Dive fashion.

Here’s the current Arena Cube list: 


A few things to note about the Arena Cube:

  • It’s grown even more powerful as time goes on. The first couple iterations felt fairly underpowered, but it’s really come into its own.
  • Synergy definitely matters. Each color pair has a theme, and even though not all of them get there, some do. Past that, synergies between pairs of cards is important, as getting the most out of your cards requires finding ways to amplify them with other cards.
  • It’s proactive. This isn’t a Cube from 2012 where you want all seven-drops and battle solely on the axis of card advantage. Even your control decks need good early plays, as there are tons of good aggro cards and assertive midrange decks that’ll ruin you if you come out of the gates too slowly.


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