Cut the Fury! – Modern Temur Cascade Rhinos – Deck Guide Update

Temur Cascade Rhinos has been among the best decks in Modern since Shardless Agent became legal with Modern Horizons 2. Since then, the deck has gone through several iterations. First, it was a four-color deck with Teferi, Time Raveler and Ardent Plea. Then, Yuuki Ichikawa won the MOCS with a Temur list playing Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Cryptic Command, and his list became the stock one for weeks. You can read my Deck Guide about that version here if you’re interested.

Just a few days ago, the deck changed again, with D00mwake cutting the Jace, Cryptic and Subtlety in favor of more removal spells like Fury, Dead // Gone and Prismari Command. The last card in particular was a radical change and innovation because it meant that the deck had a nice answer to Chalice of the Void, even in Game 1!

After playing with and against Temur Rhinos, I came to various conclusions. While I agree with cutting Jace, Cryptic Command and Subtlety, I’m not sold on Fury, and today I’ll get my reasoning while also updating Temur Rhinos sideboard plan.



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