Crunching the Numbers with Naya Winota – Deck Guide

In my latest metagame analysis, I found that Naya Winota was the best-performing archetype in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Standard. This continued last week: Naya Winota players on MTG Melee had a 58.3 percent win rate from Monday, July 26 up to and including Sunday, August 1 – by far the highest among all major archetypes. On Untapped.gg, the deck has netted a 66.6 percent win rate and is the highest-performing deck from Platinum to Mythic in Best-of-Three. And other than Sultai Control decks with Essence Scatter and Kaervek, the Spiteful, Naya Winota did not appear to have any bad matchups yet.



So I picked up Naya Winota, studied various builds (specifically the ones by Brad Nelson, Simon Nielsen and #1 Mythic ironicvelvet), made some tweaks of my own and found success. I went 11-2 on ladder and subsequently took the following list to a 6-2 finish in Day 2 of the Arena Open, good for a $1000.



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