Combo-Control with Alchemy UR Tasha’s Turbo Mill – Deck Guide

Izzet Epiphany dominated Standard for the last several months, and was a particularly hard strategy to find late-game counterplay to since it reliably goes over the top of every other deck’s late game with a combo kill. Particularly in Game 1, any controlling or midrange deck is hard-pressed to win the late game, as eventually the Epiphany player will cast multiple copies of Alrund’s Epiphany at once and just end the game on the spot. Alchemy Izzet Control decks are less reliably able to do this, as Epiphany is no longer a win condition on its own and requires you to have other threats, which in turn can be interacted with more easily. Luckily, Alchemy also comes with the solution to these issues, with Discover the Formula and Geistchanneler allowing the Izzet deck to be more explosive than before, and play closer to a combo deck by better exploiting copy effects beyond Galvanic Iteration, such as Teach by Example. With Epiphany gone, the deck needs a card that can win the game on its own if copied several times, and this is where Tasha’s Hideous Laughter comes in.

Tasha's Hideous Laughter

Unlike with previous iterations of the deck, this list is capable of copying a spell in the late game as many as five or six times, since it has both more copy spells and more sheer card advantage, so this makes Tasha’s a fairly reliable hard to interact with win condition in control mirrors, as well as giving you the opportunity to steal wins against low mana value decks like Orzhov Brushstroke by winning the game with just three copies in the mid game.




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