Can Third Path Iconoclast Break These Two Modern MTG Decks?

Third Path Iconoclast is a buffed version of Young Pyromancer, a creature that saw a lot of play in Legacy and Modern and still sees some play in Pioneer. While Young Pyromancer is no longer popular, this updated version from The Brothers’ War makes it better since you can trigger its token not only from instants and sorceries, but also from artifacts and enchantments such as Mishra’s Bauble and Underworld Breach. Its token aren’t Elementals either, but artifact Soldiers, which can help you buff Urza’s Saga Constructs or improve Cranial Plating.


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Just few days ago, I managed to get a 5-0 playing Izzet Prowess, a deck that used to rule Modern before Modern Horizons 2 and was seemingly forgotten since Izzet Murktide took the scene. I got there playing a playset of Sprite Dragon, and after the new set drops, I’m certainly trying to replace them with Third Path Iconoclast.

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