Building Standard RB Sacrifice with Neon Dynasty – Deck Guide

Last week, I stumbled upon a couple of Standard RB Sacrifice decks that looked interesting. First one was this list.



Standard RB Sacrifice


The idea is to abuse Oni-Cult Anvil in combination with Treasure and Blood tokens and generate free creatures while draining the opponent every turn. It sounded good, but it didn’t really work for me in practice because I felt that I just didn’t have enough artifacts to make it work.

What I Liked

Voldaren EpicureShambling Ghast

I liked Voldaren Epicure and Shambling Ghast, which provide this deck with much needed early pressure. They also provide fodder for Deadly Dispute and Oni-Cult Anvil, so that was a good start. I also liked the naturally solid cards that don’t need help from anything else to work.

Reckless Stormseeker // Storm-Charged SlasherGraveyard Trespasser // Graveyard GluttonImmersturm PredatorSorin the Mirthless

Reckless Stormseeker, Graveyard Trespasser, Immersturm Predator and Sorin are all felt powerful enough to possibly win me the game on their own if backed by a few timely removal spells. Reckoner Bankbuster worked really well in my slower draws filled with a lot of removal, and I really liked this strategy after sideboard against creature decks where I was able to bring in additional removal and then kill everything in sight while sitting on Bankbuster that kept drawing me extra cards and eventually turned into a win condition.

What I Disliked

Oni-Cult Anvil

Frankly, I thought Oni-Cult Anvil just didn’t pull its weight. There are just not enough “combo pieces” to make it work. In a lot of draws, it was a turn two play that just did nothing for three turns. This is just not acceptable in a relatively aggressive format full of decks like Runes and Werewolves. Even if you curve out with Ghast into Anvil into Trespasser, the Anvil does nothing until at least turn four where you have to either draw Voldaren Epicure to make a Blood token or use Deadly Dispute to get rid of your own Shambling Ghast, at which point you would make a 1/1 that you could eat every turn with Anvil and drain your opponent for one. Nothing to write home about. 


Header - Sacrifice Without the Anvil

I feel like this deck would be better off without Anvil just as Rakdos Midrange. If you want to stick with the Voldaren Epicure, Shambling Ghast and Deadly Dispute Shell, I would recommend something like this. 


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