Building Modern Control Decks – Deep Dive

Building Modern Control Decks - Deep Dive

Decks that competitive Magic players choose to play in Modern tend to fit into one of these following three categories. 

  1. A deck that’s both popular and powerful. These decks tend to define the metagame, and are usually what players refer to as “the decks to beat.”
  2. Decks that are less popular, but have favorable matchups against the top decks of the metagame. Lists that fall into this category tend to be good choices for tournaments since they not only line up well against the best decks in the format, but they also tend to dodge the focus of other decks since they’re less popular. 
  3. Decks that people will play regardless of what the metagame looks like. Modern is a format full of experts that will always play the deck they’ve spent years mastering, regardless of how well positioned it is. 

Modern control decks tend to fall into the second category. When building a Modern control deck, you can choose to have a favorable matchup against anything, but you can’t build it in such a way that you have a good matchup against everything.

Of course, this is a huge appeal to the archetype! Being able to tune your list every weekend to target an ever-fluctuating metagame means that you can leverage your skills as a deck builder and mastery of the metagame to your advantage. Doing so effectively is a difficult skill to master, and hopefully this deep dive can help you on your journey towards mastering this skill. 



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