Building a Cube: Pauper Cube Edition – Deep Dive

It brings me immense joy to write about my Pauper Cube. It’s a project I wanted to happen for months and finally I found the time, willpower and a nice group of people to talk to about it to make it happen.

Building a Pauper Cube from scratch is very hard, and it may feel almost impossible. I took ideas from various places, mostly from my friend’s Pauper Cube that I got to play with, helping me understand its strengths and flaws.

I also got to brainstorm about it with Patrick Chapin and various other players on Twitter who suggested to me their top commons of various draft archetypes and which identity give to each color.



I uploaded my Pauper Cube list to Cube Cobra, which I chose to try for the first time, since I kept my Vintage Cube list updated on Cube Tutor instead, although I’ve been recently so focused on thinking about the Pauper Cube that I kind of left the Vintage Cube behind. I didn’t even update it with Modern Horizons 2 yet!

My mind focused on Pauper Cube, and today I’ll talk to you about it in depth, so sit down, buckle in and get ready for an in-depth look at building a Pauper Cube!



Header - Every Color is Equal

While this is a normal concept in any Limited environment for normal set drafts, in Cube you can skew the number of cards towards certain colors you like more. For example, my Vintage Cube has 90 blue cards and 57 white cards because blue is much more drafted and significantly stronger, so players are just happier to draft it.

In Pauper Cube, there’s no particular color that stands above the others. We decided to make it fair and square and gave every color the same amount of cards – 80.

Although multicolor cards aren’t balanced, there’s certain color combinations that have much stronger multicolor cards than others. We opted to not load up on bad Rakdos and Golgari cards, instead having a higher number of good Izzet and Dimir cards. Yes, that might mean that blue is lightly advantaged, but once again, Magic players tend to like blue more than the other colors so it’s not a big deal.


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