Bucking Traditional Knowledge in MTG – Deep Dive

Becoming a good Magic player is about mastering the basics. Build a strong foundation of understanding, strategy and technique that helps you tackle an impossibly complex game. Thankfully, we have decades of established wisdom on MTG strategy, much of it archived right here on ChannelFireball.com!

Becoming a great player is about knowing when to leave the fundamentals behind. Sometimes, a situation calls for something outside the box. Sometimes, there’s a chance for a truly great player to transcend the established ways of doing things.

Today, I’ll discuss a few bits of established wisdom, as well as ways you can consider deviating from them.



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In writing this piece, it’s important for me to check in with the mission here at CFB Pro. Our Deep Dives are meant to be our most advanced, expert-level offerings. It’s a tall order to create content that players of my own level, or those even better than me, can learn from. To do it, I’m frequently asking myself what I do differently from other players, and how I can translate that into something helpful for the reader.

At the same time, another important one of our goals is to make readers better at playing Magic, not worse. I feel that if I’m not crystal clear in what I’m saying, that could be a real risk. This article will contain helpful advice for players of all levels–provided that you use that advice properly. 

If you’re still in the early stages of learning competitive MTG, read on! However, the parts that you should be internalizing right now are the, “this is correct 99+ percent of the time,” parts. Don’t worry yet about the, “here’s where you can do something crazy!” parts.


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