Brewing with Jukai Liberator in Alchemy

There’s an upcoming Arena-only expansion set called Alchemy – Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. The cards will be legal in both Alchemy and Historic. Wizards of the Coast was kind enough to offer me a fun preview card, and it’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Jukai Liberator.

Jukai Liberator is a Snake Ninja, putting it in the company of green ninjutsu creatures like Kappa Tech-Wrecker and Spring-Leaf Avenger.

As with any Ninja, it’s good to remember that you can always cast your creature for retail price. At three mana, Jukai Liberator is a very strong version of the Ophidian/Scroll Thief category of creatures. Your opponent is under a lot of pressure to answer or block it, lest it give you a permanent, irreversible advantage. At 3/3, it has strong stats, and most of those blocks will wind up being trades or chump blocks. Jukai Liberator also happens to be an ideal candidate for crewing Reckoner Bankbuster, which is a card I like quite a lot. 

A two-mana ninjutsu cost means a couple of things. First, it’s exceptionally easy to sneak in a hit with Jukai Liberator, and get at least one valuable trigger out of it before the opponent can put the shields up. Second, it means it can hit hard and fast, starting as early as turn two. 

What about the triggered ability? In essence, you get to cast Abundant Harvest. This is much stronger than drawing a card, and you will never miss on getting something valuable. This flexibility is great in the early game, helping you to never miss a land drop or a play in the early turns. 

Crucially, you seek any land, not just basics, which can mean finding value lands like Boseiju, Who Endures. And for better or for worse, if you choose “nonland,” Liberator will deliver you a permanent rather than a spell. That’s a feature you can build around, although it could be a downside if you were to try something like a U/G Delver of Secrets deck. 

Let’s set our sights high, and get to work connecting with Jukai Liberator on turn twp. Here are the best one-drop green creatures legal in Alchemy.




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