Brew in Review – Finalizing Standard GW Enchantress

Welcome back to Brew in Review, where I’m revisiting my ongoing project of GW Enchantress in Neon Dynasty Standard.Find the first two installments here: 




Header - Naya Runes

I started with three different deck ideas that made use of Neon Dynasty’s enchantments. 

I discarded Abzan fairly quickly upon playing with it.

On the other hand, I put a lot of work into Naya Runes, trying numerous iterations on the deck list, across many sessions of play. The deck is clearly capable of some powerful things, and I won many more matches than I lost.

Unfortunately, I went on a bad run just prior to composing this article, and decided to take a break from working on Naya Runes. Here’s the final deck list I settled on. 

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3 thoughts on “Brew in Review – Finalizing Standard GW Enchantress”

  1. Any ideas on what I can replace Ranger class with? Only have 1 and not sure if I can get some before next event.
    Would Wedding Announcement suffice? Although I’m not sure there is a replacement.

  2. Hi! No problem if you can’t get your hands on Ranger Class. Wedding Class is a fine substitute. Some other ideas: Kami of Transience; Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr; or Touch the Spirit Realm.

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