Breaking Down Historic Anthology 5

The latest Historic Anthology, Historic Anthology 5, just got previewed and drops in a little more than a week. Let’s take a look at what’s coming, and how it might impact the format.


Header - A Tainted Format

First things first – if Tainted Pact isn’t banned, it’s going to overshadow most of what comes in this Anthology. Pact is just an absurdly good deck, and it’s hard to justify not playing it if it’s legal. I did write about how to beat it (as well as how to play it – both can be read above), but it’s still a fantastic choice. I’ll be taking a look at the cards today with an eye towards Pact being gone, but either way how you use these won’t depend on Pact’s legality (that mostly affects how good they are in the format more than anything else).


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