Biggest Winners and Losers of the Alchemy Rebalance in Baldur’s Gate

Wizards of the Coast recently made updates to 27 cards from the Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate format. If you missed the article detailing all of those changes, you can find the Alchemy rebalance changes here.

For folks who draft a format all the way up until the next format releases, the fact that WotC was willing to experiment with making mid-format Alchemy updates to a draft format is incredibly exciting news! I doubt they will ever do this with a draft format that is tied to paper cards, but it’s sweet to know that we have the possibility of more digital-only Limited formats that could receive mid-format metagame tweaks!

After the updates to HBG, the format is meaningfully different, but not all of the changes were equally impactful. In particular, there were 3 nerfs to top commons among the 27 changes that sent ripple effects throughout the format. Here they are:

Changing Tyr’s Blessing from W to 1W makes it a significantly less efficient card. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still likely to be a two-for-one, but gone are the days of attacking with your two-drop, making it indestructible when your opponent blocks and then following up with another two-drop to increase the pressure on your opponent. This is still a premium white common, but I think it is definitely worse than Patriar’s Humiliation now.

Similarly, Steadfast Unicorn is still playable, but it is noticeably less efficient. You’re still happy to include a copy or two, but you won’t be picking them quite as highly. It’s now nearly impossible to double-activate it during one turn, and you’re less likely to be able to advance your board while making one activation as well.

Guildsworn Prowler took the biggest hit of all, and it is now borderline unplayable unless you have sacrifice synergies with it or are sideboarding it against large green monsters. This went from an aggressive card that could bully your opponent into giving you a two-for-one after dealing a substantial amount of damage to barely playable. A one-powered deathtouch creature just isn’t relevant enough as an attacker, and blocking with the intent of trading is largely embarrassing in a format where double team is the headliner mechanic.

I’ll talk about how these nerfs affected the entire format in a moment, but first I want to point out a few of the buffs that were also quite impactful to the format as a whole.



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