Big Alchemy Rebalances – Who Comes Out on Top?

We just got hit by a huge banned and restricted announcement concerning Standard, Legacy and Historic. And with no time in between to properly digest those, we received the news of 18 rebalanced Alchemy cards, which will be the focus of this article. I’ll give you my personal perspective on the impact of these nerfs and buffs and what they mean for the future of Alchemy. I’ll also address which Alchemy rebalances I approve of and what I believe is missing. The changes go live on MTG Arena on Thursday, January 27, so let’s jump right in!




Header - Nerfs

Divide by Zero received a nerf and now only learns if it targets a spell or permanent with mana value four or less.

I really like this change. The card stays relatively intact and remains playable, but has gotten significantly worse in an area where it was obnoxiously good – against expensive spells. Divide made any spell with mana value four or more look unplayable. And not only on the stack, even after the fact, Divide could deal with an expensive permanent profitably. For this card, I find it difficult to predict if it’s going to keep being a major performer in the format. Before I make any predictions, let’s look at more changes.

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