Best Aggro Deck in Midnight Hunt Limited – Drafting Blue-White

For folks who follow my content on stream or Twitter, you’ll know that I missed out on the first week or so of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt as I was traveling overseas to Scotland. While I had an incredible time on my trip, I felt the pressure when I came home to try to catch up on the format as fast as I could. Having missed the honeymoon period of the format where UB was wide open draft in and draft out, I looked to figure out and discover other viable strategies. While it was no secret that UW was one of the strongest archetypes, I struggled to find success with it myself. A couple of 2-3’s with decks I thought were good had me scratching my head about what I was missing. Then something clicked for me, and I was able to rattle off a few trophies the next three times I was drafting blue-white and it was open for my seat. So, what changed? That’s what I’m here to outline for you today!



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