Beat Naya Runes in Standard and Alchemy with Izzet Dragons!

Right now, Naya Runes seem to be everywhere. Whether you’re an Alchemy player or you prefer Standard, you can expect to get paired against many Runes players on the Arena ladder. In the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Championship this weekend, Runes is widely expected to be the most represented deck at around third of the field, but it wouldn’t shock anyone if it ended up being even more. During my testing of the Alchemy format, I was wondering what happened to Izzet Dragons. Sure, some of the cards got nerfed or banned, but Izzet’s power was always in having access to a very deep pool of large quality threats, answers and land/spell cards. 

You can build your deck in a controlling way with Hullbreaker Horror, you can go aggro with Dragons or you can play a more midrange version with Smoldering Eggs and Goldspan Dragon

Dragon's FireBurn Down the HouseFading Hope

As far as removal goes, you can choose between Spikefield Hazard, Play with Fire, Dragon’s Fire, Thundering Rebuke, Abrade, Brittle Blast, Demon Bolt, Heated Debate, Burn Down the House, Shatterskull Smashing, Burning Hands, Cinderclasm and I’m probably forgetting some more. In addition to that, blue offers you Fading Hope, Divide by Zero and Battle of Frost and Fire. I don’t remember the last time a Standard (or in this case Alchemy) two-color deck had access to so many good removal spells. 

If there’s a creature deck in the format running rampant, it should be possible to beat it. The tools are there, you just need to find the right mix of cards. 




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