Beat Dragons with Alchemy Esper Control! – Deck Guide Update

We received news from Wizards of the Coast that Alchemy won’t be nerfed or changed before the Arena Qualifier Weekend coming up on January 22-23. The Arena Open this weekend, Jan 15-16, will also feature the new format. I’m looking forward to seeing Alchemy being played competitively and the days leading up to those events will be an exciting time. Seeing the competitive crowd getting their hands onto the format and trying to break it or out-metagame each other is a joy to watch. In preparation for those events, I want to present you with one of my favorite decks in Alchemy. I call it “The Dragonslayer” – Alchemy Esper Control.

As some of you already know, I’m a control player at heart and love solving formats from the perspective of a control deck. I’ve played with Dimir, Azorius and now Esper Control in Alchemy. I played a ton of games in the format with all types of decks and I think I have a good grasp on what is going on. 

At the time of writing, the metagame consists mostly of Dragons, black sacrifice shells, blue control strategies, forms of Inquisitor Captain decks like Esper Clerics or Mono-White and last but not least, Gruul Werewolves. As you can see, most of these decks are creature-based – some smaller, some bigger.

I’ve been a fan of Azorius Control at the beginning of the format, and with Divine Purge, Azorius has a great card versus creatures below or equal to mana value three, but is rather awful against anyone slamming four-drop Dragons on turn three. Here comes Esper, with my vote for best card in Alchemy, Vanishing Verse.

If you take a look again at the decks making up most of the metagame, you see a common theme: a lot of monocolored permanents. A blue and white-based Esper shell provides you with good early game protection in the form of Divine Purge and Vanishing Verse as a versatile removal for any type of issue. Fading Hope rounds things out. With this package, Esper is able to fend off a good chunk of creature decks as they are configured currently. I absolutely love the deck and I’m definitely biased, but I believe I got it to a place where it’s really strong. Here’s my current list and sideboard guide.




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