Ask Mengu Anything! June CFB Pro AMA with Andrea Mengucci

This June CFB Pro members are invited to ask Magic Pro, foodie, Mythic Invitational winner and possibly the happiest man in Magic absolutely anything! Andrea Mengucci is Italy’s most successful Magic player, and with his phenomenal career in the game, his stream and his ‘mengucuisine’ tweets, he has plenty to say. Questions about Legacy decks, Cube cards and pasta shapes are encouraged!

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As a CFB Pro member, you’re invited to submit your questions to Andrea by emailing them to [email protected] before June 25th. We’ll publish an article with all of Mengu’s answers by June 30th, so whatever your burning question for Italy’s greatest export (exluding pasta, pizza, fashion, pesto, renaissance art, leaning towers…) make sure you send it to us on time!

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