Answering the Most-Asked Questions About New Capenna Limited

I’ve streamed a ton of New Capenna Limited this week – nearly every one of my 40 drafts so far. At the start of any new format, there tends to be a handful of questions about that I get asked multiple times, so today I’ve compile a list of those questions here and answer them. We’ll be covering big picture topics as well as the real nitty-gritty stuff so let’s jump in!




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What is the best deck in the format?

Brokers Ascendancy

We’re starting off with a softball here, but I want to make sure I’m covering all my bases. Just like Blue-Black Zombies in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and green Saga decks in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, we have a clear week one front runner in the format and that’s the collection of decks that make the up Brokers family. These decks do it all, combining good two-drops, good interactive spells and good evasive creatures.

Raffine's InformantRun Out of TownCelestial Regulator

It’s worth noting, when I say “Broker’s decks,” I don’t mean a straight three-color deck full of green, white and blue cards, I mean decks that are either UW, GW or two colors with a light splash. A consistent mana base is still key, even in a (supposed) three-color set.

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