Anatomy of a Game – MTG Neon Dynasty Limited Edition

Limited content across the board focuses almost exclusively on drafting and card evaluation. Tier lists and pick orders are some of the more sought after deliverables that readers/listeners/viewers are interested in and gameplay often falls by the wayside. But not today! Over the past few weeks, MTG Arena has been rolling out different flashback draft formats and one of my all-time favorites came back this week with Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. This draft format is incredible, but the gameplay is really what makes this set an all-timer for me. I had a really interesting game come up the other day and I’m going to break it down for you right here. Let’s get started!




Neon Dynasty Draft by Ethan Saks


If you’ve never drafted NEO before, it’s a format focused around artifacts and enchantments that exists on a spectrum across the five colors. Red and green are on opposite ends representing heavy artifacts and enchantments, respectively, while blue, white and black especially occupy space that care about both. It’s in those Esper colors that I prefer to play in because you get access to the best commons in the set, powerful uncommons and excellent synergy.

This deck is, at its core, a UB Ninjutsu deck, featuring evasive threats and Ninjas to pick them up and connect with the opponent to grant you a bonus. It also features three copies of one of the best uncommons in Life of Toshiro Umezawa and two premium curve toppers in Imperial Oath. There’s plenty of mana fixing with three lands and Network Terminal and almost no removal other than Ninja’s Kunai and the potential exile effect from Kappa Tech-Wrecker. Going into this game, we’re 2-0 with the deck and feeling pretty confident.


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  1. Thanks for the insight Ethan, looking forward to more articles of these type, that’s the missing piece of the whole puzzle!

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