An Early Look at Modern Horizons 2 Limited

At the time of writing, Modern Horizons 2 has only been out on Magic Online for one day, but like any good Limited junkie, that one day was jam packed full of drafts for me! Today, I want to take a look at Modern Horizons 2 Limited by talking about the standout archetypes and touching on which cards have been early overperformers.


Modern Horizons 2 is brimming with complexity. You thought that Kaldheim and Strixhaven cards had a lot of words on them? Those sets are baby’s first Limited format compared to Modern Horizons 2. I would highly suggest not just going into this set blind. Even before going through this article, it might be helpful to take some time with the full card list. Sit down and read each card at least once, or you’ll be spending most of your time in the draft just trying to grok what each card in the pack does.

Just like in most sets there are signpost uncommons and commons to guide you, but even still, there are a ton of overlapping themes and small synergies to discover. 


Aside from looking at the full image gallery and looking at the signpost gold cards, I’d recommend taking a look at this Twitter thread from Bryan Hohns. He does a great job of highlighting the main archetypes and talks a bit about what each deck wants to do



With all that out of the way, lets dive in!


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