Alrund’s Epiphany is Nerfed? Alchemy UR Turns – Deck Guide

We’ve gotten to take our first look at Alchemy, the new digital format on Magic Arena, and it’s more powerful than I expected. Alchemy uses all the Standard-legal cards plus 63 digital designs, with the added wrinkle that many of the Standard cards are “rebalanced.” That mostly means nerfs (like Esika’s Chariot making just one Cat, for example), but there are a couple buffs here and there as well. From my initial forays into the format (and the inspiration provided by Gab Nassif’s brewing skills), there’s a powerful Alchemy UR Turns deck to be had. That may sound odd, given that Alrund’s Epiphany got hit by maybe the most severe nerf, but there are some Alchemy cards that more than make up for it. Let’s take a look at Alchemy Turns!




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