Alchemy UR Dragons – Deck Guide Update

Alchemy is a fresh and exciting format that’s exclusive to MTG Arena. This weekend, there’s an Arena Open using the Alchemy format. I’m excited to compete myself, and equally excited to see what happens to the format with an influx of attention from Magic’s most competitive players. We might find the metagame changing quite a bit in the next few weeks.

However, at this snapshot in time, one thing is clear: Dragons are at the top of the food chain. Mono-Red and Boros Dragons have the highest win rates on Untapped.GG, and have been dominating the ladder and the tournament scene alike. 

In this Deck Guide, I’m going to cover yet another take on Dragons: Izzet. UR Dragons is a great strategy in classic Standard, even taking the World Championship trophy in the hands of Yuta Takahasi. However, it looks different in Alchemy, pushing tribal synergies further, and looking to come out hard and fast with a turn three Dragon. 

I would describe Dragons as an aggressively-slanted midrange deck. It’s not trying to blitz the opponent’s life total. Instead, it’s hitting its stride in the midgame, and leaning on the individual power of its threats, any of which can win the game on its own when it goes unanswered. 

Even more than the other versions, Izzet capitalizes on the midrange angle by tapping into card advantage and instant-speed interaction. Expressive Iteration helps you grind out opponents who lean too heavily on one-for-one removal. Divide by Zero and more permission spells out of the sideboard give you a tempo element, and a way to punish clunky board sweepers like Blood on the Snow



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