Alchemy Mono-White Aggro at the Set Championship – Deck Guide

Last weekend, I played Mono-White Aggro in Alchemy at the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Set Championship. It was a great metagame choice, and according to Wizards, it was the most popular deck in the field with a 56 percent win rate. It was a fantastic deck to prey on Naya Runes, which was the second most played deck.

My team and I came to the conclusion that not only was Naya Runes going to be the most played deck, so we needed to play with four Archon of Emeria in our main deck, but that there would also be a large number of Mono-White decks, so we needed to be ready with up to four Brutal Cathar in the 75 and a midrange plan of 26 lands and fewer one-drops to gain an edge in the mirror.

It was an amazing metagame call for the event, although I’d make a few changes from last Friday’s list going forward, which I’ll cover in this updated Deck Guide.



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