Alchemy Mono-Red Dragons – Deck Guide Update

Among many versions of Dragons decks available in Alchemy, Boros has cemented itself as the most popular. This, in large part, is because Boros can access Divine Purge as a way to combat creature matchups like Mono-Green, Werewolves and decks based around Inquisitor Captain.

However, in my opinion, Mono-Red Dragons remains one of the cleanest and most objectively powerful decks in Alchemy. This makes it an appealing choice for a diverse and fast-changing metagame. Particularly in a world where creature-light control decks are popular and successful, adding a color for Divine Purge might not give you as much mileage as sticking to monocolor and playing more copies Faceless Haven and Chandra, Dressed to Kill

With that in mind, I’m updating our Mono-Red Dragons Deck Guide, here on ChannelFireball.com. The original Guide came courtesy of Martin Juza. 




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