Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate Arena Open Crash Course

The Arena Open this weekend is Sealed/Draft, and I can’t wait to battle in it. If you’re interested in participating, and haven’t played much or any Baldur’s Gate Limited, this is the article for you (and if you have played a bunch, there still are plenty of tidbits that can help). Note that Day 2 is now two drafts, which is an awesome change.

Let’s dive right in!



Header - Sealed

Let’s start with Sealed, which is actually quite different from what you might expect. Traditionally, Sealed is slower than Draft, even in fast formats, and you want to build your deck with an eye to long, grindy games. Expensive cards, counterspells and discard all go up in value, and cheap creatures and tempo plays tend to go down. That is not true in Baldur’s Gate Sealed, and if you stick to traditional strategies, you will get run over in some number of your games.

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