A New Age of Pioneers – A Pioneer Format Primer

For the last three years, Pioneer has been the victim of circumstances. There was hype when the format was first announced, culminating in the Players’ Tours in Nagoya, Brussels and Phoenix. Unfortunately, timing with the pandemic almost nipped the format in the bud. However, we’re seeing the format start to turn around. It’s going to be featured as part of the big tournament series in North America, has been gaining in popularity on Magic Online and it’s even gaining steam at the local level.

If you have not been keeping up with the format since the Players’ Tour in 2020, a lot has changed. The format once defined by combos upon combos has opened up. Week to week, you see aggro, midrange, control and combo cycling in and out of favor. It’s very refreshing. Now that you have so many options, you might get overwhelmed if you are trying to get back into the format. Thankfully, your favorite player, Eli Loveman, has been messing around with the format and can give a summary of the top decks and recommend you a deck based on what sorts of decks you like in other formats. 



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1 thought on “A New Age of Pioneers – A Pioneer Format Primer”

  1. Hi Eli! on the lotus combo description, u are a bit wrong on the ultimatum kill, u cant cast strings as an instant and anyway omniscence cost 10 manas.

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