A Modern Overview for SCG Indianapolis

Nine months after Modern Horizons 2 and right before SCG Indianapolis, the Modern format finds itself once again in a big shake up situation: Lurrus of the Dream-Den is banned!

Lurrus of the Dream-Den

The format was starting to get stale, with only a few decks at the top of the metagame (Grixis Shadow, Hammer Time and Four-Color Yorion Omnath) and not much room for brewing as it used to be in the past.

Lurrus of the Dream-Den’s ban outcome is still unpredictable – Four-Color Yorion Omnath might run away and be the sole Tier 1 deck in the format now that it’s going to be harder for midrange decks to keep up with it in the late game.

Both Grixis Shadow and Hammer Time have proven to still be valid options in Modern with several good performances this past weekend as well as winning the 395-player Magic Online Championship Qualifier in the hands of Ari Zax.

The top five of that event represent to me the top five of Modern right now, and I’m going each deck one by one as they’ll be what to expect at SCG Indianapolis.



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