7 Pieces of Advice to Start Playing Cube in MTG

I’m always torn around this time of new-set season on whether to focus on the few spoilers that have dropped so far or to talk about what I’ve been actually getting my hands on, which is nonstop MTG Arena Cube drafts! I’ve gotten enough questions from various stream viewers who feel tentative towards drafting Cube that I thought a piece on getting ready for your first Cube draft would be appropriate and helpful to encourage those of you to finally take the Cube-plunge. So, here are seven pieces of advice to get you feeling confident for your first cube draft!



Header - The Card Pool is Actually Small

Welcoming Vampire

I think the biggest hurdle to getting into a Cube draft is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of cards to learn. Most Cubes are in the range of 540 cards, which sounds like a lot. I mean, that’s basically two whole Limited sets! But trust me, you’ll learn the cards a lot faster than you think you will.

In just a couple of drafts plus matches, you’ll see most of the cards in the Cube. There may be some cards you’ve never seen before, perhaps from an Alchemy or Commander set, but otherwise these are likely to be cards you’ve drafted before. And if you’re very new to Magic, watching a couple hours of a streamer or Youtuber you like draft the Cube you’re interested in will give you a similar experience. You definitely don’t need to pore over the entire card file of the Cube before you draft it. However, I would recommend that you…


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1 thought on “7 Pieces of Advice to Start Playing Cube in MTG”

  1. Thanks for this, I found it so helpful! My take on the Arena Cube (where I get to Cube the most) is pretty much what you said. My favorite thing to do is open my first pack and take a look for “uniqueness” like you said, and take whatever the most fun card that’s unique is to see if I can make it work. Field of the Dead? Probably taking that regardless of what’s in the pack. Bolas’s Citadel? Let’s see if we can do something crazy. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben? Let’s make everybody else unhappy by killing them with small white creatures before they do anything fun. Your last point is spot-on: Sometimes, Magic can feel like a grind. But I open a Cube and feel like “There’s a reason I love this game!”

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