6 Tips to Iterate on Your Play to Improve at Magic

A lot of my pieces focus on specific decks, formats or archetypes in Magic, but something I frequently get asked about and seldom write about is how to work on your play and improve at Magic on your own. So to help you do that, here are six different things you can do that can help you take your game to the next level!



This may seem fairly obvious advice, but one of the best ways to improve at Magic is simply to play a lot, consistently. Beyond just needing to play to keep improving and keep up with new cards, consistent play makes sure you practice the skills you’re picking up, preventing your becoming rusty, something that can happen as quickly as in a week or two, putting you significantly further back than you would actually advance in that timeframe.

It’s important to make sure you’re actively thinking while practicing as well, since just going through the motions over and over is unlikely to lead to progress. This generally means finding an amount of play that works for you without getting you too burnt out, as if you play too much and no longer feel engaged with the magic you’re playing, that will be not just unhelpful but actually detrimental to your progress.


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