25 Strixhaven Combos for Standard, Historic and More!

25 Strixhaven Combos for Standard, Historic and More!

The full set is up, and there’s a lot of sweet Strixhaven combos and combo enablers. There’s just so much text on the cards, and Mystical Archives also provides additional tools.



The combos that I enjoy the most go infinite or at least win the game right away, and this article collects 25 such combos. There are 22 Strixhaven combos proper, ordered alphabetically by the key new Strixhaven piece, followed by three combos from Mystical Archives.

Most of the combos in this article will be reserved for casual play only – they’re overly convoluted and require far too many cards to make an impact on competitive formats. Nevertheless, many are legal in Commander, all of them are fun to think about and some can surely act as a source of inspiration for jank brewing.


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