23 Weird Interactions in Standard, Historic and Alchemy

I love memorable plays that exploit corner-case rulings or that use cards in unusual ways. In this article, I’ll present 23 such weird interactions, ordered arbitrary, that I recently came across in Standard, Historic or Alchemy. All of them are based on cards that were played at the recent Innistrad Championship or Neon Dynasty Championship, so they could come up in competitive matches.




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1. A Copied Memory Deluge Doesn’t Work

Memory DelugeGalvanic Iteration

Memory Deluge says “look at the top X cards of your library, where X is the amount of mana spent to cast this spell.” If you copy Memory Deluge with Galvanic Iteration, then no mana was spent to cast the copy, which means that you look at the top zero cards of your library. In other words, it doesn’t accomplish anything.

On the bright side, if your Memory Deluge was exiled by Elite Spellbinder, then you’d spend six mana to cast it, which means you get to look at six cards.

As a final Galvanic Iteration-related interaction, copying is not the same as casting, so when you copy Show of Confidence, you only get a single +1/+1 counter, not another full set of copies.

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2 thoughts on “23 Weird Interactions in Standard, Historic and Alchemy”

  1. Opt by itself doesn’t help you flip Delver, does it? The card you look at will never be left on top.

    Also, the Town-Razer Tyrant/Old-Growth Troll interaction is much less likely to come up now that Town-Razer Tyrant only hits non-basics.

    This is a nice article with a lot of good tips nonetheless (I didn’t want to imply that my commenting about those two meant I didn’t appreciate the article as a whole).

  2. Whoops, Opt doesn’t contribute there. You’re right. Thinking back, I recalled a situation with Dragon’s Rage Channeler and a burn spell that you want to cast in response to a Delver trigger, and while writing I figured ‘wait this is overly complicated; Opt is a far easier example’. But I failed to realize that this in fact does not work 😀

    The interaction with Old-Growth Troll came up for me in an actual match before and I thought it was interesting, and it could still come up against a red-green deck with Old-GrowthTroll and Stomping Ground, but it’ll be rare indeed. Thanks for the comment!

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