21 Must-Know MTG Card Interactions in Dominaria United Limited

In Dominaria United Limited, there are a lot of sweet combos to assemble, interactions to explore or non-obvious plays to make. This short article highlights 21 that have stood out to me so far, in arbitrary order.



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Rith loves deathtouch

Rith, Liberated PrimevalElas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim

Even one damage dealt to a creature from a source with deathtouch is considered lethal damage, so any amount greater than that will cause excess damage to be dealt, even if the total amount of damage isn’t greater than the creature’s toughness. So, if you attack with Elas il-Kor and trade it for an opposing 3/3, then Rith will create a 4/4 Dragon at end of turn.

Ertai can target your own stuff

Ertai ResurrectedSol'Kanar the Tainted

The main value of Ertai Resurrected lies in countering or destroying your best opponent’s cards. But Ertai can target your own stuff as well. This could be valuable when you want to add a 3/2 creature to the battlefield while not giving your opponent extra cards. Then, countering a mostly useless ability, such as an activation of your own Battlefly Swarm, is a good line.

It’s also valuable when you have detrimental triggers, such as the one that would put Sol’Kanar the Tainted under your opponent’s control. By countering it with Ertai, you can keep Sol’Kanar around and draw a card for your trouble. In fact, even though it’s countered, the mode still counts as being chosen, so you can hold on to Sol’Kanar for the rest of the game.

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2 thoughts on “21 Must-Know MTG Card Interactions in Dominaria United Limited”

  1. Manuel Nascimento

    Have had nice interactions with Stronghold Arena, creatures with menace and some removal. Not gonna lie, also using Untapped.gg to check for the chance of drawing a land to help me decide when to pay for Stronghold Arena.

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