20 Weird Modern MTG Card Interactions You Need to Know

In Modern, there are a lot of sweet combos to assemble, corner-case interactions to explore, or unexpected plays to make. This article highlights 20 of them, all themed around lands. I’ll talk about Blood Moon, Urza’s Saga, and so on. All interactions are based on cards from top-tier decks, so they could come up in your next Modern tournament.


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Blood Moon causes lands to enter untapped

This used to work differently back in the days, but under the current Magic rules, Blood Moon or Magus of the Moon will remove abilities that apply “as [this land] enters the battlefield.” For shocklands, this means that you don’t even have the choice to pay two life. If there’s a Blood Moon or Magus of the Moon, then Breeding Pool will always enter the battlefield untapped as a Mountain.

Leyline Binding is not an effective answer to Blood Moon

In the past, you may have encountered the following sequence in response to Stony Silence: tap Mox Opal to float a white mana, then cast Wear // Tear to destroy Stony Silence after it resolved. Leyline Binding, however, cannot be used in the same way against Blood Moon.

Once Blood Moon resolves, it removes all types of nonbasic lands and turns them into Mountains, which means that the cost of Leyline Binding immediately increases to 4W. You can still float white mana in response to Blood Moon, but you’ll need to spend 4W to exile it. If you leave a single land untapped with the plan of casting a one-mana Leyline Binding, then that will not work out.

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