20 MTG Facts and Stats from 2022

2022 has been a busy year for Magic. In this article, I’ll look back on the year via 20 Magic-related tidbits, most of which were derived by analyzing Scryfall’s “Default Cards” dataset on December 27. A quick overview of the topics I’ll cover is as follows:

  • Numbers 1-4 deal with the massive amount of card objects released in 2022.
  • Numbers 5-10 dive into the enormous amount of text on Magic cards in 2022.
  • Numbers 11-14 provide various creature-related statistics from 2022.
  • Numbers 15-20 deal with the metagame and competitive formats in 2022.

Let’s run the numbers!


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1. A record-setting 12,037 card objects were released this year

In recent years, the number of releases has been ramping up, and 2022 crushed all previous records. According to Scryfall’s definitions, which are clarified at the end of this article, a whopping 12,037 card objects were released in 2022. That’s a mind-blowing 15.5 percent of all card objects in Magic’s history, just over the last year!

With so many new releases, it keeps getting more exhausting to keep up. In 2008, head designer Mark Rosewater wrote: “as we examined the barriers for entry to the game, we realized that the speed of release of new cards was front and center. If new players quickly get overwhelmed they tend to walk away, never to return… We were just printing too many cards.” This statement applies all the more today.

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