20 Infinite or Game-Winning MTG Combos with Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Get ready to unleash some serious magic with 20 mind-blowing combos from Phyrexia: All Will Be One! The combos enabled by this new set range from the delightfully devious to the outright insane, and are guaranteed to leave your opponents scratching their heads in confusion. 

You don’t need to be dedicated to competitive formats to harness these new combos – in fact, most of them will not lead to tournament-winning decks, yet all of them are viable in Commander. So, whether you’re a casual player looking to add some new tricks to your arsenal or a hardcore brewer aiming to dazzle at your next tournament, let’s harness the full power of the new cards!


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All Will Be One (Modern)

In a properly built deck where most cards either deal damage to an opponent or put a counter on a permanent, All Will Be One plus Quest for Pure Flame effectively makes for a two-card, six-mana combo that dodges creature removal and graveyard hate. 

For example, if you damage your opponent with Gut Shot or Seal of Fire, then Quest for Pure Flame will gain a counter, which means that All Will Be One can deal one damage to your opponent, which puts another counter on the Quest, and so on. You can also kickstart the combo by putting counters on Gemstone Mine or Arcbound Ravager, which offers many possibilities for brewing in Modern. Besides potentially impacting that format, All Will Be One is also perfect for The Red Terror in Commander.

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