20 Infinite or Game-Winning Combos with Streets of New Capenna

Streets of New Capenna features not only five different organized crime families but also an abundance of combo enablers. This article collects 20 infinite or game-winning combos involving one or more new cards (in alphabetical order). 

The vast majority will never come near competitive play, but that’s not the goal. More important is that these combos are just plain fun to imagine, and they could lead to sweet casual jank brewing. Many of them are viable in Commander as well. And who knows – maybe one or two will make an impact on competitive formats.



Header - Body Launderer (Standard)

Body LaundererMirrorhall Mimic // Ghastly MimicryMirrorhall Mimic // Ghastly MimicryImmersturm Predator

Body Launderer seems tailor-made for combos involving Clones, even though its death trigger comes with multiple restrictions. Did they add “another” so that you need two Clones to get an infinite loop? And did they add “non-Rogue” so that you couldn’t use Glasspool Mimic, Undercover Operative or Moritte of the Frost in Standard? In any case, it’s still possible to combo off in Standard by using two copies of Mirrorhall Mimic.

So with Body Launderer and Immersturm Predator on the battlefield, one Mirrorhall Mimic on the battlefield copying Body Launderer and one Mirrorhall Mimic in the graveyard, you start by attacking with everything. Assuming no blocks, you then fire off the loop – sacrifice the Mimic to Immersturm Predator, which returns the other one from the graveyard to the battlefield, which gets sacrificed next, and so on. 

You repeat this as often as you want and you connive (i.e., draw a card, then discard a card and put a +1/+1 counter on the creature if you discarded a nonland card) every step along the way. This allows you to sift through your deck as you please, and if you discard enough nonland cards, then that’s a lethal attack right away.


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