20 Infinite or Game-Winning Combos with MTG Dominaria United

Dominaria United introduces plenty of new combo enablers. This article collects 20 infinite or game-winning combos involving one or more new cards (ordered by collector number; the ones from the Commander set are at the end).

The vast majority of these combos will never come near competitive play, but that’s not the goal. They’re just plain fun to imagine, and they could lead to sweet casual jank brewing. Also, all of them use single copies of any card, so assuming you use a Commander with the right color identity, they are viable in that format as well.



Header - Danitha, Benalia's Hope (Pioneer)

Danitha, Benalia's HopeKaya's GhostformWoe Strider

When Danitha enters the battlefield, you can enchant her with Kaya’s Ghostform from your graveyard. Then you sacrifice Danitha to Woe Strider. Kaya’s Ghostform will bring her right back, and you can loop this for infinite scry. Make sure to end the turn with Elas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim on top of your deck, and drain out your opponents next.


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7 thoughts on “20 Infinite or Game-Winning Combos with MTG Dominaria United”


    It’s not just for the scry. U can get infinite etb/dead triggers alongwith that combo. Damage, life gain, make a creature bigger, man’s, treasure

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