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Author David Ochoa

David Ochoa

In addition to being the most feared Vintage player on the West Coast, David Webster Ochoa has six Pro Tour appearances to his name.

Author Josh Utter-Leyton

Josh Utter-Leyton

Josh only joined the tournament scene this past year, and already has four Pro Tour appearances to his credit (Hollywood, Berlin, Worlds, and Kyoto).

Riki Hayashi

Riki Hayashi is a Level 3 Judge who has crisscrossed the globe in search of love, layers of continuous effects, and a decent cup of tea.

Jeremy Fuentes

Hi, I’m Jeremy Fuentes. You may remember me from such articles as “Scrubbed out of the PTQ, Again!” and “Building and Tuning Yet Another Aggro deck!”.

Gerry Thompson

The ever-popular GerryT has racked up quite an impressive string of Grand Prix Top 8’s, with seven to his name, GP Atlanta being the most recent.

Rogue Report: Cactus Control

Mono-W Martyr is a deck that has enjoyed success at the PTQ level? One of the decks original designers, Jonathon takes us through the process.

Introduction to Elder Dragon Highlander

by Sean Catanese

Hello, my name is Sean Catanese and I want to recruit you.
I’m a Level 1 judge residing in Sacramento, California. I run Friday Night Magic and other Magic events for Great Escape Games, which houses the largest play area in the region. I’ve spent some time evangelizing Elder Dragon Highlander, also known as EDH, at my local stores with the goal of expanding the player base beyond judges and their friends. I think it’s working.

Tolarian Academy – Two Heads are Significantly More Confusing than One

by Eric Levine

Hey folks! Welcome to the first of many rules articles in my question and answer series, Tolarian Academy. I’m Eric Levine, a Level 1 Judge from the San Jose area. [Now Level 2. Congrats, Eric. –Riki, who purposely didn’t edit it just to get this parenthetical comment in.] Throughout this series, I’ll be answering any rules questions you might have as well as interesting ones I come across while working at events. If you have questions, feel free to send them to [email protected]

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