Legacy MTG

Deck Guide: Legacy UR Delver

Andrea Mengucci breaks down one of Legacy’s evergreen players, UR Delver, looking to close out the game fast with Delvers and Sprite Dragons.

Deck Guide: Legacy Esper Vial

Rich Cali breaks down Legacy Esper Vial, using Soulherder, Recruiter of the Guard and Aether Vial to have a silver bullet for any situation!

Deck Guide: Legacy Rainbow Depths

Rich Cali breaks down Legacy Rainbow Depths, a Turbo Depths deck playing three colors so opponents can taste the rainbow… or a Marit Lage!

Legacy Elves Deck Guide

One of the best Tribal decks of Legacy, Elves continues to stay in the top tier of the Metagame. Learn how to play it in this deck guide by Rich Cali!

Legacy Showcase Challenge Review

Check out Rich Cali’s first hand experience of playing RUG Delver in the recent Legacy Showcase Challenge on MTGO and where the future of Delver in Legacy stands.

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