Advanced MTG

Why Do the Pros Win More Than You?

The ultimate question: Why do the pros win more than you? Is it luck? Is it strategy? Is it commitment? Jason Fleurant has a few things to say about how to be on that pro level.

Play the Best Deck or Beat It

What’s the key to a playing a successful Magic Tournament? Either playing the best deck, or knowing how to beat the best deck. Jason Fleurant is here to help you do that.

How to Read a Metagame in MTG

Jason is prepping for a weekend of Magic, and a big part of that is reading a metagame. He shares his insights into how to find the best deck for an event.

The Most Important Steps to Winning

Winning a Magic tournament isn’t only about having the best deck. There are a lot of factors into becoming one of greats. Jason Fleurant breaks down the underlying steps to winning a Magic Tournament.

Should You Trade?

It’s one of the simplest decisions in a game of Magic, and also one of the most complex and skill-testing.

How to Metagame in MTG

When is it a good idea to modify your deck or card choices based on the expected field? What’s the best way to adapt when you do?

Play a Better Deck

The biggest advantage isn’t in how you mulligan, or sideboard, or read your opponent. It’s to show up with the right deck.

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