Zvi Mowshowitz

Zvi's name is synonymous with innovative deckbuilding. His creations have seen success at every level of Magic, and helped define metagames. Naturally, Zvi's primary role on The Pantheon is as a deckbuilder and theorist, especially pushing linear decks to their limits, and in identifying strategies that won't pan out quickly.

Impulsive Stompy

Master deckbuilder Zvi Mowshowitz shows you the Mono-Green Stompy deck he cooked up for PT25A, powered by a playset of Adventurous Impulse!

Updated R/G Gods

Crush your opponent with Rhonas and Hazoret—Zvi Mowshowitz brings you an update to his R/G Gods deck and a sideboard guide!

Pro Tour Copycat

Despite admitting that Copycat’s very existence was an oversight, Wizards made another mistake by not axing the dominant combo now.

Mardu Planeswalkers

The new Liliana opens up a lot of room for powerful midrange builds, and master deck builder Zvi Mowshowitz starts with Mardu.

Red Drake

Harness the power of Drake Haven and Enigma Drake in this explosive spell-heavy blue-red brew for the new Standard format!

Empty Hand of the Gods

Master deck builder Zvi Mowshowitz has a new red-green brew for Amonkhet Standard that looks promising against the current format.

Gather the Pack Abzan

Gather wins by exploiting the delve mechanic with this new take on Abzan from legendary deck builder and Hall-of-Famer Zvi Mowshowitz!


Play some Eldrazi and take some extra turns with Zvi’s TurboLand brew!

Rally the Ancestors

Zvi took Abzan Rally to the PT and died to a flurry of burn spells. Now that green decks are back on top, Rally is positioned perfectly.

Draft White

Zvi’s strategy at the PT was to draft white first, earning him a 6-0 finish. He makes the argument for a white-centered approach to Origins.

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