TSG has been involved in Magic for the better part of his life. While only sporting 1 Pro Tour appearance on his resume he does have an extensive knowledge of the game and its history. Financial eye for Channelfireball.com and co-host of Magic TV means split duties already along with trying to find time to play Magic for himself.

HardCast #14 – Return of the Website

Tristan Shaun Gregson & co-host Robert Martin take a look at this week in Channelfireball as well as special Magic 2012 spoiler info. Who is Bloodthirsty this week?

The Hard Cast – New Phyrexia and You

Tristan Shaun Gregson and Co-Host Robert Martin highlight content this week from Channelfireball as well as various NEW topics. Check out financial watch and the FNM decklist of the week.

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